Filipinos Think They’re Spanish and Half-Japanese (ROTFL!)

Just because long long time ago some bunch of Spanish people came and reigned their poor-even-then country Philippines, and then mass-raped the women and then the locals started picking up Spanish names to name their newborns, doesn’t mean these suckers are “Spanish”.

I mean, I can’t believe there’s a race in this world that are so proud of being reigned by a foreign force that they couldn’t even face the fact that these Spanish people were finally leaving their country. These suckers called themselves “filipinos” and act like they’re so proud of it, but then they don’t even know how to “define” themselves. They don’t define themselves as Asians, they define themselves as Spanish, and I’ve seen some who even think they’re half-Japanese???????? OMG, I’ve never seen a race in this whole wide world that are sooo clueless about their own origins. And believe it or not, with their OBVIOUS Asian characteristics, some of them even think they’re CAUCASIANS!!!!!!! I’m rolling on the floor laughing my ass off over here.

And guess what, some of them so strongly deny that they’re “Asians” so much that they start to come up with something like “we’re originated from Australia”, oh my god, they never failed to crack me up.

If you ask them what’s a “filipino”, they’ll present you the history of their country back from when the Spanish people first set foot in their land. And with pride, they’ll tell you that they’re Spanish. They’re probably too dumb to care about history around the world. British had the biggest colonies back then, but none of the countries once reigned by the Brits claimed themselves as “Brits” just because the Brits once ruled their country. What a bunch of retards.


CHECK THIS OUT… After presenting you with their delusional “facts” that they’re indeed Spanish, or Mexicans, or Hispanics, or Latinos, or whatever, and NOT Asians, suddenly when it comes to Japanese’ inventions, like cars, and tv’s, and video games, and anime (and the list goes on), suddenly these motherfucking “filipinos” will say something like, “You know, it’s something about being an Asian”. All of a sudden they’re ASIANS when it comes to stealing credits from the Japanese!!!!!

OMG, I hope these motherfuckers can just disappear completely from the earth so that credit will go where credit dues.

Just to be fair, amongst these confused retards, there are still a few of them who are accepting of who they really are. For these group of people, I don’t wish them to vanish from the earth, I just simply respect them. But for the rest of them, that’s what this site is all about. Hey, don’t get mad way too easily, it’s freedom of speech, and if all of us around the world can take your joke for claiming an ancestry of Spanish people and take credits for Japanese inventions, why can’t you just chill and take our joke too? Bitches.